Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Readers Digest

So, if you haven't heard about how Readers Digest thinks you can reverse Diabetes, here's the quick scoop:


Does this make you mad? It makes me mad.  Do what you can to help in sending a letter to RD.  Here's a copy of the letter I sent.

To Whom It May Concern,

I was recently made aware of a future issue that Readers Digest is planning to run with the focus of "reversing Diabetes".  While I think this would be well worth the few dollars an issue of Reader's Digest is worth SHOULD IT BE VALID, anyone with access to Google can tell you there is no cure for Diabetes, thus making it irreversible - and thus making your title FALSE.

I sincerely hope that this topic will be scrapped unless this is some funny joke where the headlines say "Reversing Diabetes" and the tagline says "is impossible.  Which sucks." Now THAT could be a GREAT lead in to an article which actually spreads KNOWLEDGE about the Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and LADA instead of spreading another horrible misconception that my peers and myself spend so much time trying to dispel.  For the record, there is no known cure for Diabetes.  It is a chronic illness.  Those diagnosed with Diabetes will have Diabetes for the rest of their lives.

Please consider partnering with the Diabetic Community in spreading truth and knowledge by publishing accurate information regarding this disease.  I'm sure your help in doing so would be much appreciated!

Should you like to contact me regarding truths about Diabetes, you can contact me at xxxx or email me at xxxx or call me at xxxx.

Thank you for your time.



So go send some angry emails to Readers Digest! Don't let them lie to those silly people who think we can't eat sweets because we're diabetic!! Don't add to the stupid ideas that people have!! Ugh. This is frustrating, non??

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  1. Way to go! Keep fighting the fight.
    It is more than just keeping your sugar levels low!
    More power to ya!