Monday, April 4, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day...

When I was diagnosed in November, the doctors in the hospital told me in "maybe six months or so" I could start on an insulin pump, MAYBE.   A week later, at my first appointment with my own Endo, he said "The paperwork takes about six weeks.  Start it today and begin the pump next month if you want."  So I sort of let the idea of a pump float around the back of my head for a while without giving it much serious thought.  At that point I knew it was more important to learn to get the job done (manage this disease) than to over think what tools I'm using to do my job.

Managing my diabetes started getting easier for me.  Don't get me wrong - managing diabetes is never "easy", but I made it from having panic attacks in my bedroom every time I had to bolus inject in November to quietly (and quickly)  pulling out, assembling, and using my pen all underneath the table in a crowded restaurant like it's nothing in January.  I was starting to think that maybe I would just stick with daily injections.  It was working, I was doing alright, and I was starting to (almost) get used to it.  Then came  "the bad bruise". 

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was sitting down to eat lunch.  I tested my BG, screwed on my needle tip, dialed up my pen and injected.  The second the needle passed my skin I felt a pinch and watched as a HUGE bruise formed (before my very eyes!!) under my skin.  I almost cried!!  That was the exact moment I decided I was fed up with injecting. I was sick of pricks. (Ha, Ha, funny I know!).

I began seriously researching different brands of insulin pumps.  I sent my name and address to all of them and read all of their promotional pamphlets that I received in the mail.  I learned which pumps hold how much insulin (I pray I never need 300 units in 3 days.. Honeymoon, please never end), which ones you can get wet (...the Animas One Touch. Really, that's about it), how long the tubing can be (43" if you want to hang it over the shower rod while you bathe.   ....REALLY?), etc.  So much information!!

I started calling my insurance company and (surprise) was told that I had a $500 deductible before they would pay 70% of the pump price (so my price was $500+30% of cost).  After hearing that I knew it would have to wait until after Tax Season.  I'm a 22 year old fresh out of college paying rent, health insurance (please don't sky rocket, please), car insurance, gas money and A BOAT LOAD OF STUDENT LOANS... How was I going to afford an insulin pump?? ...So I waited.

I had been meeting regularly with my Diabetes Educator and she told me it was time to meet with the Insulin Pump Educator.  I arrived at my appointment and met a very nice woman who seemed to tell me everything the informational pamphlets sent to me by the pump companies had said.  I told her I was worried about cost so she put me in touch with a company that helps negate Diabetes care costs.  Three days later my representative from that company called me.  We went back and forth for two days before I was put in touch with Animas (which was my final decision for many reasons).  After talking to Matt from Animas for a day or two, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that  my insurance would cover much more than I was originally told.  I was told to get my A1C tested (but I was two steps ahead - it was already scheduled for that Friday) and then we'd talk about my options.

I got my A1C tested on Friday, March 18th.  On Wednesday, March 23rd, Matt from Animas called me to tell me my pump would be arriving at my house on Friday.  I got to pick lots of options (that I had already decided about a month ago- like silver pump, pink infusion sets, 23" tubing, etc) and then we hung up.

... Wait, that's it? That's all I had to do to get this pump??

My pump arrived on Friday, March 25th and I was told that someone from Animas training team would be in contact with me soon.  On Thursday, March 31st, my trainer called me.  We talked last night (Sunday) about trying to schedule something for Tuesday, April 5th.  At 6:15 PM tonight I was given confirmation that we will be meeting at 8 AM tomorrow to begin pump training.


I guess so.  So far, the organizing part has been not as scary as I was expecting.  Tomorrow starts my marriage with my new baby pancreas (I'm naming my pump, any ideas?) and I can only hope it's as un-scary as the process has been so far.

I can't believe tomorrow is the day.  It happened so fast!! Everything I have done today, I've thought "this will be the last time I try on clothes without an insulin pump" or "this will be the last time I sleep in my bed without an insulin pump!".  WHERE DID THE TIME GO? 

Cross your fingers, say a prayer, welcome me to the world of pumpers (alright, not yet, I still have 9 more hours before I'm "connected").   No turning back now!!

PS. I'm a little nervous! Is that weird? Is this going to hurt? Am I going to be sore all the time? Am I going to cry all morning tomorrow at the doctors?

PSS. Why does Animas say you can "WEAR" your pump when swimming or bathing?  Who is wearing clothes when they bathe that they can clip their pump to?? Am I doing showers the wrong way?? ...Maybe I should've gotten that longer tubing to toss the pump over the shower rod... hehe.

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