Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen... I would like to introduce you to my new BFF.  He has no name (YET) but will be my constant companion for the next four years (knock on wood).

I can't believe I'm typing this with a PUMP on my hip!! I feel so modern.  And advanced.  And high-tech.  And sort of like I can conquer anything.

I got to sleep in until 7 AM this morning before getting dressed and heading to the hospital.  My BG was 119 so I wasn't too worried about the fact that I was too anxious to eat breakfast.  I wanted to be at the hospital by 7:40 for my 8:00 appointment and walked in to the lobby at 7:46 (not surprising).  Luckily, my trainer had just walked in the door right before me so I didn't feel bad about making her wait (since I hadn't).

We made our way to an exam room and spread out over the seats.  The exam table was covered in pumps, meters, charts, graphs, cartridges, infusion sets and Elmo (did you know Elmo wears a pump? I wish I had taken a picture of THAT!).   We set up a saline cartridge, loaded the pump and "infused" a pillow.  (What is it called when you insert an infusion set? Is it called "inserting an infusion set"? DUH? I like "infused" better).  We walked through every single screen on the pump and on the meter.  We covered 3 hours of information in an hour and a half (I believe I had the best trainer EVER and she DID mention I might have been her easiest trainee in history).  Finally- my turn.

I removed the saline cartridge from the pump.  I filled a second cartridge with saline.  I rewound.  I loaded. I primed. And then it came time.  I sat with my infusion set cocked in my hand, listening to my trainer talk about why you need to change the cartridge every time you change the site.  I looked down and before I could think "GO", I had inserted the infusion set.  My trainer stopped in the middle of her sentence, looked through my tiny window to make sure my cannula was properly inserted and then said "Perfect! So we'll meet again next Tuesday?".

Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger before you have time to think about the prick I guess.  What was I so worried about?  This silly infusion set thing made such a noise that I didn't even notice the little needle going into my skin! It was just in and ready to go, just like that!!

Now off to bed to see how sleeping on this lumpy box will feel.  BG now: 121. Not bad, not bad!

PS, I'm a day late (because yesterday my Dad didn't know this blog existed) but Happy Birthday to my Dad, my biggest inspiration in diabetes and in life. I can't wait to take a trip to New York City with him this weekend to celebrate his 32nd D-Versary!! <3


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  1. Hey There!

    Thanks for stopping by Candy Hearts! CONGRATS ON YOUR PUMP! That's a snazzy looking gadget you have there :) My daughter wears a pink one JUST like it!

    Take some pics in NY with your dad! Would love to see the two of you together!!!!